Android development and debugging is a very exciting business.. But one small inconvenience made me unhappy – USB wire between my development host and Android device under debug… For quite a while I’m using only WiFi, no single cable running from my host to the router – why do i need all this hassle connecting to micro-USB port on the device ( and usually – as opposite to iPhone Lightning cable Ā – I’m trying a wrong direction first)…

But apparently, all this is easy to solve problem… “Look ma, no wires….” even for ADB – apparently it can work via TCPIP šŸ˜‰

Step 1 – find your device IP address

Go Settings -> WiFi -> Menu (top right corner) -> Advanced

Now look at the bottom ( you may need to scroll) and Ā find your IPv4 address ( for example

You also can find your WiFi IP using adb command:

adb shell netcfg|grep wlan

(if you are working with the sameĀ device a lot, I do recommend to go to your router setup and make this IP permanently linked to the device)

Step 2 – connect via USB (last time!) to your device and tell it to use TCP for future connections:

adb tcpip 5555
adb connect

Step 3 – disconnect USB and enjoy wireless ADB !

UPDATE: Just found much better description at Debugging Android over Wi-Fi