After inheriting an old outdated and broken intercom, I spend quite a time looking¬†to repair or replace it. To my surprise, all available on the market (a) overpriced (b) designed like no progress happens last 10 years… So “buy/build” dilemma has an obvious answer – BUILD IT (more on Android Intercom specification)…

Starting a new project is always exciting, as well as challenging. As we build our success on the shoulders of giants, no way I waste time on low level Audio/Video transmission of call protocols ( especially considering that i build one of first such solutions 20 years ago ūüėČ

So , here is a list of available “Video chat” SDKs available for Android integration:

 Name Description  open/pricing ?  protocols  
 Linphone multi-platform SIP Phone  Open source & Free  SIP Offers a fully open SDK with media streaming, full SIP protocol
and large number of codecs.
Commercial support and dual licensing available.No good documentation on the website – need efforts to build and understand…
 WebRTC Web based video streaming protocol Open source & Free  WebRTC
 ooVoo  multi-party video-communication app close source & pay-for-service ( advertisement or   $0.005/min)  WebRTC  very large user base
OpenTok/tokbox clouse source & pay-for-service ($0.005/min)  WebRTC
 Quickblox The cross platform app for instant messaging, video and voice calling. simple http streaming
 OVX/OpenClove Real-time In-App Communications for HTML/WebRTC, iOS, and Android
with multi-party, recording, streaming, and advanced features
 C2Call close and freemium
 IceLink by Frozen Mountains  libraries for JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, Mac, Mono, .NET, .NET Compact, Unity, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.  free limited  version/ commercial SDK for purchase  WebRTC