Top Three Israeli Companies to Look for at CES 2020!



CES 2020 is here! The annual event in Las Vegas draws hundreds of thousands of attendees and thousands of companies. Israeli companies are no exception to those who attend. 

It’s a no brainer that Israeli companies are at the forefront of innovation. This year, there are hundreds of Israeli companies that are present for CES. Here is my list for the top three Israeli companies to look for at CES. 



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Regulus is a company based in Haifa, Israel, and is founded by Yonatan Zur and Yoav Zangvil. Regulus is one of the top companies to provide GPS sensor cybersecurity to nonmilitary clients. 

Let’s introduce a term called GPS spoofing. Spoofing is the act of sending false data and registering it as legitimate. Its true form of art is making a GPS enabled tool, like the Waze on your phone or a military drone, to essentially present a false location as factual. Many people have used spoofing to their personal advantage. For years, Uber had to crack down on spoofing incidents within the app. Drivers would spoof the app to generate more revenue by making it look like they have completed multiple rides. 

Regulus targets numerous industries ranging from automotive, drones, robots, maritime, and aviation. They are recently looking to China to expand its market as indicated by having a Chinese landing page along with an English version. They are also doing significantly well financially, on Crunchbase they have $6.3 Million in funding and is currently in Series A. 

You can find Regulus #1312, Westgate, Tech East. 




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NoTraffic is a Tel-Aviv based company founded by Tal Kreisler, Uriel Katz, and Or Sela. NoTraffic is a traffic management platform based on smart sensors which prepares the road infrastructure for the connected and autonomous era.

A majority of companies that focus on creating an ecosystem usually follow a set guideline: hardware, an engine, and a management dashboard that provides results. Roads are an essential part of the city ecosystem, and NoTraffic is there to provide a management tool to that ecosystem.

By installing AI sensors and optimization engines at intersections, while providing a city traffic manager a dashboard tool, NoTraffic has been able to give millions of dollars of economic benefits and savings to cities who use the product. 

We can see this company be a tremendous success as the race to solve, or at least manage, traffic congestion is underway. Currently, on Crunchbase, they are funded at $5 million. 

You can find NoTraffic at #2408, Westgate, Tech East. 


Hi Auto 


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Hi Auto is another Tel Aviv based company that is founded by Roy Baharav, 

Eyal Shapira, and Zohar Zisapel. Hi Auto is a voice enhancement tool that helps eliminate the noise in the background, and solely focuses on the customer.

Voice command is a growing industry with key players such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri take charge. At the quiet of your own home, these products work well, but not so much outside. Especially using Siri to open Spotify outside at a train station or cafe is a challenge within itself. Its an insult to injury if the user has a thick accent too. 

This is not just an issue for voice command tools, it becomes a problem for the phone calls in the car or a Zoom meeting in a coffee shop. We all had a frustrating moment when we had an important call but can’t hear because of all the outside noise. 

Hi Auto makes the voice recognizer focus on you. Using noise-canceling technologies, industries like automotive, robots and video platforms can truly focus those who talk, and deliver a crisp clear sound.  

For such a young company, which was founded by 2019 via Crunchbase, they are doing well financially with $4.5 million funding. 

You can find Hi Auto at Israeli Pavilion, 51701, Tech West, Sands Expo.