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US 6,014,694 : System for adaptive video/audio transport over a network 

A system for adaptively transporting video over networks wherein the available bandwidth varies with time. The system comprises a video/audio codec that functions to compress, code, decode and decompress video streams that are transmitted over networks having available bandwidths that vary with time and location. Depending on the channel bandwidth, the system adjusts the compression ratio to accommodate a plurality of bandwidths ranging from 20 Kbps for POTS to several Mbps for switched LAN and ATM environments. Bandwidth adjustability is provided by offering a trade-off between video resolution, frame rate, and individual frame quality. The system generates a video data stream comprised of Key, P and B frames from a raw source of video. Each frame type is further comprised of multiple levels of data representing varying degrees of quality. In addition, several video server platforms can be utilized in tandem to transmit video/audio information with each video server platform…



US 7,263,558 : Method and apparatus for providing additional information in response to an application server request

A method and apparatus are disclosed for providing additional information, such as advertisements, to a client device via the response signal to an application (or web) server request. A client device is in communication with a server device and sends a request for information to the server via a network connection. A device is associated with the network connection that detects and analyzes the signals being exchanged. The device would likely be associated with a point-of-presence to an Internet connection, for an ISP or the like. The associated device sends an appropriately timed reset signal to the server device that prevents the server device from further responding to signals subsequently received from the client device. The associated device sends, in response to the web server request, a response signal to the client device. The response signal provides additional information, along with the originally requested web server material. The additional information, along…



US 7349400/GB 2420046 : Transport protocol reconstruction and timer synchronization for nonintrusive capturing and analysis of packets on a network

A transport protocol data flow reconstruction method delays determination that a missing packet is lost for a period of time. For an evaluated TCP packet in a first direction, the method determines if a TCP packet is missing in a second direction, in which case the method stores the evaluated TCP packet in a list and creates an acknowledgment timer indicating a maximum time to wait until treating the missing TCP packet as lost. The expiration of the acknowledgment timer indicates a missing packet in the second direction. The method determines if a TCP packet is missing in the first direction, in which case the method stores the evaluated TCP packet in the list and creates a retransmission timer indicating a maximum time to wait until treating the missing TCP packet as lost. The expiration of the retransmission timer indicates a missing packet in the first direction. A method is also disclosed for determining the discrepancy between packet stamping timers used in packet capturing devices in each direction, using timestamps, sequence numbers, and acknowledgments extracted from the captured packets.


US20050267945A1 : Systems and methods for deterring internet file-sharing networks

Provided herein are methods and systems to prevent the illegal sharing of digital content by deterring or disrupting file sharing activity. In embodiments methods and systems are provided for responding to user queries in a file sharing network with information that allows users to attempt to download protected digital content but does not allow users access to the protected digital content.



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