This is a kind of confession – I quite often find myself lost on OS X configurations files, installed packages and so on.. And it is embarrassing… really embarrassing…

I started developing software in mid-80s, initially as a hobby, but eventually hobby somehow self-converted into my full-time profession. I started from Assembler 360 (on Soviet clone of IBM 360/370), then moved to Assemblers of IBM PC, following by kernel development for Windows and Linux, embedded systems, VoIP, video streaming, network analysis and many more cool applications/devices/systems…. Bottom line, have quite a baggage to brag about…

Until I got my first Mac – quite late, when it harder to teach old dog new tricks… Actually I was resisting for a while idea to move to Mac – close software, close hardware, no alternative but buy from a single vendor and soon..  But a resistance to Apple is futile – once you forced to work with Mac ( it was AirBook) for a week, you just can’t go back and start wonder how people can ever use anything else but Mac OS ;-).. The only problem is that “old tricks” ( Linux/Windows configurations experience) are often confuse my memory when I need to do something on the OS X, and somehow I think that some old dogs may face quite similar problems… So maybe making my embarrassment public, I can help a few lost souls as well…

Enough with an introduction… This will be a sub-blog about problems i faced while working with OS X, using it as development platform of various application – Java, PHP, C++

Environment (to be updated):
– MacBook Pro with Retina Display ( upgrade from original AirBook)
– OS X Yosemite (10.10)  (upgrade from original 10.7)
– some software installed with MacPort
– some software installed with Fink
– development environment – Eclipse (Luna – 4.4.1)
– Java – JDK 8u25

Expected topics:
– Who installed this shit – finding your way in OS X package managers.
– Configuration for local PHP development & testing
– Configuration for local web app development with Java
– Configuration for Android development ( including NDK debugging).